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Spine Reliever Body Pillow

I have two bulging discs at the bottom of my spine (one of which has blown into the sciatic nerve channel and required surgery). Because of the bulging discs, I find that I twist badly during sleep and it takes me a good deal of time and pain to get out of bed in the morning. I felt that the spine reliever body pillow would keep my skeletal structure in the one plane and not allow the sheering pain that I experience. Now I wake up in the morning and can actually get out of bed without pain...

— H. Ellice

Buckwheat Pillow

I first came across Buckwheat pillows about ten years ago to help relieve my sore neck. I had a hard time finding them in Australia, until I came across your website. The Buckwheat pillow is made of good quality materials and is always very good to sleep on, I was pleased with the quality of the product especially considering I was buying sight unseen...

— N. Markov

Bed Lounger

I am enjoying my bed lounger, especially on these wintry nights where you snuggle up with a good book. Actually I am thinking seriously of buying a couple more, one for our house at Mount Tamborine and the other for my daughter when they move into their new home

— V Bush

BetterNeck Visco Elastic Pillow

My fiance has a neck operation a few years ago and was using a concave shaped pillow with poor quality visco elastic foam. He was in need of a new one. The pillow we bought from Bad Backs was great. He reported feeling a lot of relief from pain on the first night, but then unfortunately he caught a cold and was sore in general for a week after that, which was obviously unrelated. He now says its great, but wishes it were slightly thicker.

As of late I have had a string of bad experiences with online shopping and just expect the worst each time I do it again. However, with Bad Backs I was replied to almost immediately, got the product so quickly I was amazed and everything went so well. Customer service was excellent, great packaging and an all-round good experience...

— S Abdelkader


It has been a pleasure being able to obtain good quality products at reasonable prices, with great service! Keep Up the great work...

— L. Collins

Reflux & Back Pain Bed Wedge

Firstly, thank you for your prompt attention with my order. Both Richard and I are very impressed with our product. Richard stating that he is now having the best sleep in years. Because he suffers badly from acid reflux, having to prop himself each night with at least 3-4 pillows if not more, he now has the comfort of just one pillow - his wedge. The other night he actually slept through the night from about 10ish to 5.30am. Being a bus driver sleep is important and he truly believes it is the new support that is doing the trick, plus I don't believe he is snoring as loudly...

— V Bush